Wilton, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Wilton

My name is Gabrielle Wilton, this will be my first year climbing in the stairclimb. Although I am not actively on a fire department due to maternity leave, I was a volunteer firefighter with Lacombe Fire Department for 2 years and plan on coming back when my family demands are not so high.

I will be climbing in honour of my beautiful grandmother, Marie Hanson, who is currently battling cancer. Forever a stubborn woman, but an unrelentingly kind and generous soul, my grandma has always been a source of inspiration to me; even at the lowest points in my life she never gave up hope on me. I am so thankful to have grown up so close to such an unwavering role model. Every obstacle that has found its way into my grandma’s path has been overcome with strength, dignity and positivity. I hope that I can take a page from her book as I take on this stairclimb.

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