For Firefighters Only

This section is specific to the firefighters taking part in this exhilarating challenge.

Due to space limitations, spectators are not allowed inside THE BOW building during the course of the competition. There will be a jumbotron on the street in front of the BOW where friends & family can watch you cross the finish line at floor 55.

Event Details

This event takes place at THE BOW building in downtown Calgary (500 Centre Street SE).  For the 650 participating firefighters the climb will take approximately 4.5 hours from first climber to start the climb to last climber to exit the building.  Firefighters will ascend in 20 second intervals from when the first climber begins. Groups from the same fire department / City will be grouped together in the same climb time. A changing/ bag-check area will be located near THE BOW (exact location TBA).


7:30am   Bag Check/ Race Pick Up Opens
8:15am   Official program / opening ceremonies
9:00am   Firefighters start the climb
Aprox. 3:00pm   Last firefighter finishes the climb

There will be a BBQ for firefighters and their families from 10:30am – 2:45pm (estimated).


For our out of town guests, we will have a preferred hotel ready to host you and your family with an exclusive event rate.  Please watch for updated information on accommodations so that you can book your stay in beautiful downtown Calgary, Alberta.


In addition to your personal challenge of ascending 775 feet (on top of 3400 elevation!), you are raising funds and awareness for an important local charity – Wellspring Calgary. Thank you!  Every $150 you raise will provide free programs and resources to one person for one month at Wellspring Calgary! You are making a difference today to people impacted by cancer!

How to fundraise

Your Personal Fundraising Page

Once you register, you are provided a personal fundraising page. Here you can track your progress, post your picture and story, tell why you are climbing and fundraising for this event. You will be able to send this link to your friends, family and colleagues to seek sponsorship support for your climb challenge and to be eligible for incentive prizes.

If you know someone meant to support you but gave to the overall event instead, have them contact Wellspring Calgary to move their donation to support your climb. Call or email Karen Perron at (587) 747-0260 ext. 1005 or

Social Media

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