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We’ve heard from people that there are many reasons they are choosing to climb – for a personal life challenge, because someone you know did it, because you lost someone to cancer.  We are also accepting stories about the Fort McMurray 2016 fires – were you there? Want to tell the story of someone who was?

Will you tell us your story? And if  you are climbing in memory or tribute to someone you know, we would like to honour that person too! Fill out the following form OR please send an email with a high resolution jpeg photo of that person (and a separate pic of yourself!) to

When completing the form, please use the following as a guideline:

Prompts for Story Content:

  • Please include your name, contact number and the city and fire station you belong to.
  • Tell us if you are an active, volunteer or retired firefighter.
  • Have you participated in the Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge before? If so, please share your highlight or a brief account of your experience.
  • What or who is inspiring you to climb this year?

* Send us answers to the above questions in any form you wish… full sentences, point form, or a full written account that we will tweak as needed. Where we are working with points and sentences we will craft your story and send it back to you for editing and final approval before it is uploaded to any platforms.

Max Story Length: 500 words

Graphics: Please include a favourite high resolution photo of yourself. If this is a tribute/memorial climb, a picture of who you are climbing for with their name and relationship to you.

MEDIA RELEASE:  Please be aware, by submitting your story, you agree to our media release terms below and agree that your story may be shared on this website as well as social media (facebook and twitter).

Thanks for sharing… you are an inspiration!

Media Release Terms:  By submitting this story the submitter grants, to Wellspring Calgary “Wellspring”, the right, permission and license to use the story, film, footage, audio tapes and/or photographs of myself, in whole or in part, produced for educational or promotional purposes by/for Wellspring, provided that said film, footage, audio tapes and/or photographs be used exclusively by the above-mentioned organization and its agents.

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