Smith, Matthew

Matthew Smith

My name is Matthew Smith, I am an active On-Call Firefighter with Kananaskis Emergency Services at Station 96.

This is my first time participating in the Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge as it is my first year as a member of the fire service.

I was motivated to participate as a tribute to my girlfriends Grandfather, Orville Anderson, who passed away from cancer last year. Personally, I never had a Grandfather as both of mine had passed before I was born. So when my girlfriends family welcomed me as one of their own, I was fortunate enough to have Orville to look up to as a Grandfather figure. From what I knew of Orville, he was a strong, charismatic man that I had the utmost respect for.

I hope that by participating in this event, I can honour the memory of Orville and many like him, while raising money and awareness.

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