Alexander, Jacinda

Jacinda Alexander

My name is Jacinda. I’m currently living in Panorama BC but I’m originally from Auckland NZ. I’m a volunteer firefighter for Panorama and this year will be my first stairclimb.  My brother and my Mum are my inspiration and motivators to do this climb.  I grew up in the fire service with both mum and dad being volunteers. They both did the stairclimb back in NZ at the Auckland sky tower. Mum started doing it in 2011 not realizing that in later on that year it would mean so much more. The climb back home raises money for Leukemia cancers. My brother was diagnosed in August 2011 with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. But before they were able to diagnose that he had complications with his heart and his lungs completely shut down. He was in an induced coma for 38 days and on life support. The doctors called us in serval times to say goodbye as they didn’t think he would make it. One day he started getting better and slowly things were improving. Fast track a few months he was out of the hospital and into an outpatient clinic receiving chemo treatments. He has now been out of remission for nearly 2 years. Mum continued to climb every year after that to this date now for him. We were the lucky ones that didn’t lose our loved one. My brother fought hard every day and came back to us. My brother and my mum are the reasons why I’m doing this and also to raise money for cancer as I know how important it is for families going through these times. Being able to participate in this climb in a different country is an honour. I’m so excited to be doing this very soon and especially making my family back home proud!

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