Horsfield, Jessy

Jessy Horsfield

Sicamous Fire Department
Third consecutive year climbing

About three years ago one of my childhood friends (Kelsey Adam) tagged me in a Calgary Firefighter Stair Climb event post on Facebook. Immediately I contacted one of my fellow firefighters (Daniel Roddick) and within a matter of 10 minutes we were both signed up – not knowing the full extent of what we just did. My first climb in 2016 I climbed in memory of Jack Adam, my second climb I climbed for the future of my family and friends. I want resources easily accessible and support to be available for not just the individual fighting but their families who will no doubt need help themselves. Bringing me to my third year climbing for Childhood Cancer.

Reylynn Rice was diagnosed at 8 months old with high risk, multi-system LCH, involving her skin, spleen & GI track. She did 12 intense rounds of chemo and was told she was NAD (No Active Disease), followed by 10 months of maintenance chemo to try and stay ahead.  She had fever withdrawal from her prednisone (steroids) but her parents (Kris and Amie Rice) knew when the fevers would come because they seemed “routine.” Her counts continued to drop and she required various blood transfusions. On March 20, 2018, Kris and Amie were informed that Rey had relapsed, she now had involvement in bone, skin, bone marrow and brain. The fight continues.

Fundraiser Tip: Put a face to why your climbing.  Make it personal.

Jessy Horsfield