Luke Messina

Dural Rural Fire Brigade, NSW Rural Fire Service (Sydney, Australia)
Has climbed in other stairclimbs since 2014 and still loves every minute of it.
Instagram: @messinal

This is a tough one that I’ve been asked a lot over the years and there are quite a few different reasons why I climb. The main reason I climb is for all the people out there who can’t climb due to their battle with cancer and whatever other struggles they continue to fight through on a daily basis. Those amazing people have so much strength to just keep pushing through and nothing I do could ever compare to what they accomplish every day. Stair climbing to raise awareness and much-needed funds for charity is the least I can do especially when I still have the ability to do something about it. In my limited experience of life, I’ve realized that nothing can be taken for granted and that I am truly lucky that I have the ability to help others and will continue to do so for as long as I can. Climbing stairs can be mentally and physically tough, but not as tough as fighting for your life each and every day. I love stair climbing because I get to meet amazing people from all different walks of life and it is truly astonishing to see how so many people can put aside their differences and come together to support a great cause.

Fundraising Tip: Social media is a great tool to raise awareness, but what I’ve found helps raise funds is to just to pick up the phone and call someone directly or meet them in person. I feel it’s much more personal that way and they can see how passionate you are about the cause.

Luke Messina
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