Okotoks Fire

Okotoks Fire is sending two teams this year to climb the Bow tower. These teams are named after two of Okotoks’ Captains who lost their battles with cancer.

Team SMITH is running in memory of Captain Darcy Smith. Darcy was the embodiment of what it is to be a volunteer. Darcy could always be counted on to help and could be seen doing BA control or assisting in any way he could after he was diagnosed. After Darcy was confined to a wheelchair, he continued to actively participate in fire training and events, like being a torch bearer for the Police Fire Games. Darcy passed in 1997 and our Firefighter of the Year award was renamed in his honor to recognize a community firefighter that goes above and beyond.

Team BEFUS is named after Captain Rich Befus. Rich was a member of both Calgary Fire and Okotoks Fire. During Rich’s time with Okotoks, he was a valued instructor and mentor. Rich was someone that could be counted on to show up on paged calls and he was always there to help get the trucks back in service. Rich’s fire ground knowledge was invaluable and he helped to shape our Captains into the leaders that they are today.

We climb in their memory.

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