From awards for the fastest climbers and top fundraisers to exclusive incentive prizes and exciting giveaways throughout the event, there’s something for everyone to aim for at the Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge!

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More information on prizes will be announced closer to the event.

Incentive Prizes

We’re thrilled to announce that our generous sponsor, 911 Supply, has provided an exciting incentive for the Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge – the custom 10-year anniversary hat! This limited edition hat is a symbol of your dedication to supporting firefighters and their families.

Here’s the deal: Fundraise $750 by June 9th, the day of the event, and this exclusive hat is yours. These hats aren’t available for purchase anywhere else!

Draw Prizes

Participants in attendance at this year’s event will be eligible for special draw prizes throughout the day from incredible sponsors.

Fastest Climb Prizes

Fastest Climb prizes are available for the following categories:

  • Male ages 18-35
  • Male ages 36-50
  • Male ages 51+
  • Female ages 18-35
  • Female ages 36-50
  • Female ages 51+
  • Team (minimum 4 team members)

Top Fundraiser Prizes

Top Fundraiser prizes are available for the following categories:

  • Individual
  • Team (minimum 4 team members)