Sagstuen, Corey

Corey James Sagstuen

My mother Agnes Gushaty (Kennedy) battled cancer after learning of it back in 2010 while I was deployed in Afghanistan.  My mother kept this devastating information from me until I returned; that had to take some strength.  We battled this cancer and for a time had it on its heels.  My mother was determined to make some life goals and she made all but one.

Last year I completed this climb in her honour with her watching.  This year I will do this climb with my love, Pam, and in honour of my mother. Sadly, Mom passed on Sept 7th, 2017, and my world was rocked.

I dedicated a white helmet to my mother, as she was my drive to be a paramedic.  She was there every step of the way over the years as I rose through the ranks of EMS, transitioned to firefighter/paramedic and did 2 tours to Afghanistan. She is my HERO and one hell of a leader and for that, I made her an honorary firefighter.  She was as tough as one; brave, faced any challenge head-on and NEVER minced words.

The thought of Mom and how Dad is now on this journey without his love brings tears to my eyes.  My Pamela has been a rock to me. Every year, Mom and I will make this climb together.

Mom, I know you’re watching down from the Rainbow Bridge, and when Pam and I get to the top, we will be that much closer to you.

Love you, Mom.

Your son,