Stair Location Map

Whether it’s for training or the event itself, we’ve compiled a list of the best stairs in Alberta. Don’t have any public stairs in your area? Get creative! Find a hill to walk up and down, and track elevation on your phone or fitness tracker. Go on a local hike with approximately the correct elevation and take a photo of yourself at the end. Or, see if you can use the stairs at your town’s outdoor stadium or track.

Please stay safe and follow all applicable guidelines and public health measures in your area.

Competitive Stairs

New this year: firefighters and cadets are eligible for Fastest Climb if they climb on one of our competitive stairs! Firefighters must climb the stairs in full duty gear (SCBA is not required).

Here’s how it works:

      1. On the map below select “competitive stairs” under categories
      2. Choose a set of competitive stairs nearest you
      3. Climb the stairs between May 2-15, climbing them the number of times indicated on the map (only up stairs count towards the total of 1204 stairs)
      4. Record your time when you climb using your phone or watch – or have a friend do it for you (keep time of your entire climb, including when you are going down the stairs)
      5. Indicate which competitive stairs you climbed and your climb time when you validate your climb

NOTE: Due to new COVID-19 restrictions, the Grandview stairs in Edmonton are no longer a competitive stair location.

Are we missing one? Send us a message.

Please note: Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, some stairs may be temporarily closed or limited to one-way traffic. It is best to check conditions before beginning your climb.