Warenycia, John

John “Strider” Warenycia

Grande Cache Fire Department
Three years climbing, plus has climbed in other stairclimbs
johnware@gypsd.ca and StriderGCFD@gmail.com


Reason’s for why I climb:

  1. Wellspring’s great cause, “nobody should face cancer alone”.
  2. To bring attention to the fact that Firefighters have a much higher rate of contracting 14 types of cancer than the general population. Awareness is the 1st step to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Comradery. The spirit of brotherhood between firefighters taking part in the Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge is unmatched. It should be experienced by all firefighters.
  4. The physical and mental health benefits of stair climb training have changed my life and extended my years of service as a firefighter. I am more fit to perform my duties, more of an asset for my department and a better role model for our young firefighters.
  5. To honour and remember some very important people; Trucker Dukes, Michael Bocchino, Thomas DeAngelis and Olivia Wheeler.

Fundraising Tip: Facebook is great, but your spouse’s Facebook is even better!

John Warenycia